SUPPORTING THE growth of leaders and ministry initiatives

We are called to help people grow into a loving, liberating, and life-giving relationship with God and each other, and to bring God’s good news of love in Jesus Christ to a changing world. We need innovative and adaptive leaders that are ready to engage in the mission of God in their neighborhood in creative and collaborative ways.

$1.125 million of our goal will go towards:

  • Empowering leaders through training tailored to locally discerned needs—continuing the good work done in Growing Iowa Leaders and in Engaging All Disciples

  • Forming young people for a life of service, faithfulness and integrity

  • Partnering with congregations to support new clergy

  • Resourcing new ministry and mission initiatives

Equipping Congregations to thrive into the future

People are searching for communities where they can have deeper relationships with God and one another. We need new ways of reaching out to connect and engage people with our communities of faith.

$1.125 million of our goal will go towards:

  • Providing formation opportunities that empower individuals and congregations to share their faith with others

  • Sharing of best business and organizational practices across the Church

  • Expanding our tools and technology to connect and engage people

  • Partnering with the community for mission

  • Worshipping in renewed vibrant spaces


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