Preparing the Ministry Development Team members to fully participate in their faith community and the wider community. To expand the understanding of all types of diversity in these communities and to be able to integrate diversity in one’s personal and community life.  Team members will be able to:

1.    Complete a Team and Individual Assessment and develop a Learning Plan.

2.    Recognize and encourage the gifts each person brings to the congregation.

  • Discern the kind of “gifts inventory” that best fits the congregation.

  • Determine a process that encourages the practice of gift discernment in an ongoing way in the congregation.

3.    Demonstrate a collaborative leadership model.

  • Demonstrate skills in dialogue, engaging with those holding a variety of options about issues.

  • Strengthen conflict resolution skills.

4.    Understand various decision making processes and which process to use in various situations. 

5.    Demonstrate a balance between congregational ministries with focus inside the congregation and those outside the congregation.

  • Ability to lead the congregation, as a whole, to balance its ministry inside and outside the church walls.

6.    Demonstrate awareness of and appropriate responses to the current affairs locally, nationally, and globally.

  • Ability to discern a good understanding of the local ministry setting and demographics.

  • Ability to discern the ethical issues faced in the local community.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of context in order to enable the Christian community to respond.

  • Participate with the community in dialogues concerning current affairs.

  • Collaborate with others in the community on responses to issues.

7.    Demonstrate an openness to understanding various faith traditions.

  • Discern the relationships with other faith traditions in the local community.

  • Develop ways of sharing with other faith traditions with the focus being increased understanding of the tradition.