• Invite, Welcome, Connect is a resource from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Videos, resources, and checklists to help churches invite new members, welcome them into the community, and connect them within the church in a meaningful way.
  • Hospitality 101: Inviting, Greeting, and Incorporating is a resource from Stephanie Spellers as part of The Episcopal Church's Evangelism Initiatives. 
  • Sharing Faith Dinners
  • Evangelism Resources from The Episcopal Church. A great list of Evangelism resources complied by Stephanie Spellers.
  • Getting Your Church Ready for Guests: Seven Whole Days blog post on short term and longer term projects to make your church more welcoming to guests
  • St. Anne's in Ankeny holds an Annual Raising of the Flags Event where they invite each first generation family an opportunity to process the flag of their country of origin and raise it up on the nine flag poles we have situated outside in front of the church. It is truly a symbol and sign to the Ankeny Community that all are welcome. We also present to each family and person who receives their American citizenship an American Flag to celebrate their success. The Scouts and especially our former Eagle Scouts are asked to help in the raising of the American and Episcopal Flags as well.

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