Growing Iowa Leaders sessions are offered around the diocese to equip people for leadership in Christian mission and ministry and help make complete the vitality and joy which we saw grow out of our Revival weekends. Below is a growing collection of wisdom, knowledge, and experience that has been shared in the diocese at these sessions. 

Invite, Welcome, Connect

Mary Parmer talks with Iowans about evangelism and Invite, Welcome, Connect via Zoom at a Growing Iowa Leaders Day.

Moving Beyond Outreach: Becoming missional communities

Jason Evans discusses moving beyond "outreach" towards becoming missional communities.

Financial Sustainability for Congregations

David Little discusses financial sustainability for congregations in order to support the mission of the church.

Community Visibility and Community Involvement

Susie Tierney, Executive Director of the Center for Social Ministry, talks about social outreach in the community.

Sharing Faith Stories

April Stace shares wisdom on Sharing Faith Stories with the Growing Iowa Leaders Day.

Sharing Our Identity

Meg Wagner talks about becoming a public, visible presence in the community.

Becoming a Neighborhood Church

Melissa Rau talks about becoming a neighborhood church that welcomes children and their families.

Creative Groundskeeping

Brian Sellers Peterson talks about using our land creatively in worship, fellowship, teaching, and hospitality.

Episcopal Presence in Des Moines

Jim Hamilton discusses the Episcopal Presence in Des Moines Metro: How Episcopal congregations in the Des Moines area could work together for mission & outreach while sharing the Good News with their neighbors.

Financial Planning for Mission

Denis Greene talks about effective financial planning for mission and how churches can do the most with what they have.

Discipleship, Mission, and Evangelization

The Rev. Daniel Vélez Rivera takes about the intersections of discipleship, mission, and evangelism.

Joining With Others to Minister to Diverse Groups

Jerry Drino discusses joining with others to minister with diverse groups: immigrants, young unchurched people and their families, and the elderly. In the afternoon session, he also addresses rethinking liturgy and worship in the midst of a rural, diverse landscape.

Building a Missional Outreach

Amiee Altizer shares about the ministry of Flourish Bakery—a supportive community that fosters hope and health, in addition to personal growth, while teaching the art and skills of professional baking. Flourish Bakery employs individuals in recovery from substance use disorders, often reintegrating their lives after a period of incarceration

Attracting and Welcoming Young Adults (Back) Into the Church

Portia and Chris Corbin present on how to attract and welcome young adults to your church.

Music for Today

Angie Daoud presents ideas for doing music well in smaller congregations.

In the Company of Elders

Dianne Brenneman talks about ministry with aging adults and spiritual development.

Connecting Generations

Melissa Rau talks about connecting generations and strategies for ministering with youth and their families.

Utilizing What We Have for Maximum Impact in Community

Kent Zimmerman uses his business and non-profit experience to talk about vision and strategic use of resources in churches.