This module will raise awareness of what kinds of decisions and situations require ethical reflection in a congregation and to be able to draw on resources to respond to situations in the congregation.  Teams will be able to:

1.    Complete a Team and Individual Assessment and Learning Plan.
2.    Understand and articulate the sources of authority in ethical reflection and scripture, tradition, reason and experience.

  • Understand how scripture is used in ethical reflection/decision making.

  • Understand how different schools of ethical decision making would approach an issue (rule morality, natural law, imitation Christi, situational ethics).

3.    Understand the limits and boundaries in pastoral care situations.

4.    Identify the processes used in the church to arrive at ethical decisions.

5.    Guide the congregation in articulating a position on an issue or policy.

6.    Articulate the Episcopal Church’s position on at least two contemporary issues relevant to the congregation’s context.