Module Competency Grid

Module Objective

The Ministry Development Team will model and lead the congregation in an understanding of and participation in the wider Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion.  The Team will be able to:

1.    Complete a Team and an Individual Assessment

2.    Develop and implement formation experiences in the understanding of Anglicanism and The Anglican Way

a.    Ability to define Anglicanism and The Anglican Way: Basic grounding in Anglican doctrine, theology, liturgy, history, ethics, pastoral care and method.
b.    Ability to explain the Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion relationship

3.    Describe the structure and governance of The Episcopal Church

a.    Describe structure and role of the General Convention
b.    Describe the development of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church

4.    Understand the Anglican Communion worldwide, its history, diversity, success, failings and contemporary challenges

5.    Encourage and support the congregation in participating in all areas of the wider Episcopal Church

a.    Communicate diocesan activities
b.    Awareness of the diocesan structure and roles
c.    Communicate the work of the Episcopal church at the Church wide level
d.    Communicate the opportunities for local congregations to participate in Church wide work.




Griffiss, James. The Anglican Vision: New Church’s Teaching Series.

 Law, Eric H.F. and Stephanie Spellers. The Episcopal Way: Church’s Teachings for a Changing World Vol. 1

General Convention Organizational Chart.