The Ministry Development Team will be able to provide formation opportunities and support for members of the congregation in their growth in discipleship and mission.  By the end of this section, the team members will be able to:

1.    Complete a Team and Individual Assessment and Learning Plan. 
2.    Develop and implement a regular reflection with the congregation on the baptismal covenant as foundation for discipleship.  Members of the congregation will be able to: 

  • Articulate ways their life reflects the baptismal covenant.

  • Renew their baptismal covenant annually.

  • Appraise ways their living a baptismal life contributes to their sense of belonging to a Christian community.

3.    Identify, encourage and reflect on the variety of ways the congregation is in mission with the wider community.

  • Develop a picture of all the ways members of the congregation commit to service with the wider community.

  • Develop ways of interviewing the wider community in order to determine partnerships and support.

  • Explore ways the church building can be used in mission.

4.    Create formation/education – life long, life wide, life deep - opportunities that lead congregational understanding and growth in living a Christian life.

  • Assess personal and communal strengths and growth needs.

  • Develop personal and communal learning opportunities/topics.

  • Implement a regular, ongoing study of scripture with others in the congregation and/or the local community.

5.    Develop and practice skills for: 

  • Assessing needs of the congregation for fellowship and care.

  • Hospital calling.

  • Working with and responding to the dynamics of death, loss and grief.

6.    Identify and articulate the cultural composition of the community in which the congregation ministers.

  • Ability to conduct a diversity census.

  • Discern and implement ways congregation can collaborate with various missions already happening.

  • Recommend ways of celebrating the many ways members serve with the community.

  • Understand and practice advocacy skills related to issues in the local community.

7.    Develop a catechumenal plan for people new to the congregation as a means of incorporating them into the congregation.

  • Articulate and reflect on the baptismal covenant as foundation for discipleship.

  • Schedule regular opportunities for people new to the congregation to interact with long time members in order to reflect on the baptismal covenant as a foundation for discipleship.