Chapter Two: Resurrecting Church

How do you feel when reading the story of St. Edwards? What message do your hear for your local church in this story? 

Read the description of the church:

“The body of Christ was alive, no longer trapped in the stained-glass windows or books of systematic theology. The body of Christ was literal, living, hungry, thirsty, bleeding. Church was no longer something we did for an hour on Sunday, and church was not a building with a steeple…She came to life. The church became something we are—an organ, not an organization. Church became so fresh and vibrant. It was like we had brought something dead back to life.” Does this describe your local church? Should it? Could it? 

“At that moment, we decided to stop complaining about the church we saw, and we set our hearts on becoming the church we dreamed of.” What does the church you dream of look like? What would it take to become the dream?